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Eshika Alagala


Eshika Alagala, an MA holder in Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine, specializes in therapy for minors, adolescents, and families. With diverse therapeutic experiences and a passion for the arts, Eshika offers a unique, tailored approach to mental health.

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Eshika Alagala, armed with an MA in Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine University, is a dedicated therapist-in-training, currently working diligently toward her licensure. She offers more than just therapy; she provides a compassionate journey towards mental well-being. Her research involvement with non-binary gender groups and her hands-on experience from internships, like those at Shelby County Jail and Bethany Christian Counseling Services, have given her the foundation to support a broad spectrum of clients, with a special focus on minors, adolescents, families, and couples.

Eshika tailors her therapy sessions with a range of techniques, including CBT/DBT and play therapy, ensuring each client receives personalized care. Central to her methodology is a person-centered perspective, aiming to make clients feel both understood and valued. When not in the therapy room, Eshika's heart beats to the rhythm of dance, particularly the mesmerizing moves of the Indian classical dance, Kathak. Her love for the arts extends into her practice too, often integrating art therapy, offering clients a truly holistic healing experience. As she progresses in her professional journey, Eshika's blend of academic knowledge, practical experience, and genuine warmth ensures every session is both impactful and comforting.


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