Walk & Talk Therapy: A Breath of Fresh Air

In a world that's constantly on the move, sometimes what we need most is to simply pause, breathe, and find clarity amidst nature. Welcome to Walk & Talk Therapy at Northeast Georgia Counseling — where we combine the therapeutic power of nature, CBT, and mindfulness.

Walk & Talk Therapy?

Amidst nature, barriers fade. Walk & Talk combines movement, outdoor serenity, and evidence-backed therapy. It's more than counseling — it's a refreshing journey toward clarity and insight, taken one step at a time.

Woman sitting in a park

Nature's Calm

Utilize the serene outdoors for clearer introspection and breakthroughs

Holistic Approach

Meld movement with proven therapeutic techniques to enhance the benefits of traditional counseling

Journey of Insight

Embark on a personalized step-by-step path toward self-discovery, beyond the confines of an office.

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Is Walk & Talk Therapy Right for You?

Seeking a unique and invigorating counseling experience?

Yearning to escape the daily rush and truly be present?

Finding motivation hard to come by?

Feel a deeper sense of calm in green spaces?

Uncomfortable with traditional face-to-face sessions?

If you resonate with any of the above, it's time to explore Walk & Talk Therapy — the treatment you might just have been waiting for.

How it Works

Natural Settings: Sessions unfold in a tranquil outdoor setting of your choosing.

Side by Side Therapy: Engage in heart-to-heart discussions with your therapist as you walk together.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT): Target unhelpful thinking patterns with proven CBT strategies, leading to reduced emotional and physical distress.

Mindfulness & Relaxation: Based on your goals and needs, your therapist can integrate deep breathing, meditation, visualization, stretching, and reflective exercises.

Woman talking to another woman outside
Man taking a deep breath in nature

The Benefits: Nature Meets Mindful Movement

Stress & Anxiety Reduction: Immerse yourself in nature's calm.

Mood Elevation: Movement releases 'feel-good' brain chemicals.

Clearer Thinking: Bid farewell to intrusive and ruminative thoughts.

Improved Sleep: Through relaxation techniques and movement.

Physical Tension Release: Walk away the strains of daily life.

Enhanced Body/Mind Insight: Deepen your understanding of your emotional and physical well-being.

Every Walk & Talk Therapy session is as unique as you. Meeting you where you're at, your therapist will guide the way, ensuring every step you take is one towards healing and self-discovery.

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