Pricing & Insurance

Our team at Northeast Georgia Counseling is dedicated to empowering individuals on their unique journey to lasting change with accessible care.

Find the right fit for your needs

Our diverse team of expert therapists offers a range of specialties and payment options to meet your specific needs.

Individualized payment plans

Northeast Georgia Counseling offers tiered payment plans tailored to the license, expertise and services of the therapist. This means you have the opportunity to choose the therapist that best aligns with your needs and budget.

Transparency & Inclusivity

Our commitment to transparency means we openly discuss payment options prior to your initial consultation, allowing you to make an informed decision about your mental health care. You can rest easy knowing there are no billing surprises.

Quality care

Our primary focus is to ensure you receive the highest quality of care from the therapist that best matches your requirements. We are dedicated to supporting your well-being.

Your team

Our team of dedicated professionals is in your corner. Embark on a journey to lasting change with us.

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