Our Journey with Best of Gwinnett

Lisa Campbell


Northeast Georgia Counseling's journey with Best of Gwinnett reflects our commitment to mental health and community. Recognition isn't just an accolade; it mirrors our shared values. Join us as we strive for more in 2023.

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Our Journey with Best of Gwinnett

Dear Friends and Supporters,

It's a pleasure to share with you Northeast Georgia Counseling's journey, one deeply intertwined with the heart of our community. For over three decades, I've had the privilege of being a part of this incredible community as a mental health professional. When I founded Northeast Georgia Counseling in 2014, my vision was simple yet profound: to create a space where individuals and families could find solace, healing, and hope. This vision was rooted in my unwavering belief that everyone deserves access to compassionate mental health care.

From the very beginning, our team was committed to providing the highest quality care to our clients. We understood the significance of mental health and the positive impact it can have on one's life. It was this commitment that laid the foundation for our practice's growth and success.

The Best of Gwinnett: A Cherished Recognition

In 2019, our dedication bore fruit as Northeast Georgia Counseling was recognized as one of the best Counseling, Addiction & Mental Health in Buford through Best of Gwinnett. This recognition was not just a testament to our expertise but a celebration of our core values—compassion, community, and excellence.

While the Best of Gwinnett award is undoubtedly an acknowledgment of our hard work, it signifies something more profound. It signifies the trust and support of our community, the very community we've had the privilege to serve. It underscores the importance of mental health in our lives.

2023: Your Voice and Support

As we look ahead, we're excited about the future and the opportunities it holds. We're excited to continue serving you, our community, with the same level of commitment and care that has defined our journey so far. I invite you all to join us in celebrating this milestone and to continue supporting us on our journey. As we move forward, we also look to the horizon of 2023. It's a year that holds the promise of new possibilities and new recognitions.

We believe in the power of community, and we believe in your voice. Best of Gwinnett is a celebration of businesses that make a difference in our lives. Your vote can help us gain the recognition we need to reach even more people who may benefit from our services. If you believe in the Northeast Georgia Counseling and the services we provide, we encourage you to visit the Best of Gwinnett website and cast your vote for Northeast Georgia Counseling. With your support, we can continue to provide outstanding care and create a brighter, healthier future for our community.

With gratitude,

Lisa P. Campbell, MSW, LCSW
Founder, Northeast Georgia Counseling

Note: The Best of Gwinnett award is a reader opinion and editors' selection poll, not a scientific market research study conducted by an independent organization. It reflects the sentiments of readers and is based on community involvement and voting patterns.